Disposing propane/butane canisters

I have a couple of these canisters at home that I want to dispose of and at least one has some gas in it....I can't seem to find anywhere the appropriate way to dispose of them?
you should be able to dispose of them for free in the hazardous waste section of your local refuse station.
Thanks for the response...probably should've said I'm based in AKL....will see what they offer
Best way is to run the gas out if not already done. Morning coffee by campstove instead of electric jug is one way. Then puncture the can. Do this outside well away from ignition sources. Then you can dispose or recycle as you wish. If your kerbside recycling will accept steel then thats the best option but make sure the puncture is obvious
Our recycling station wouldn't accept the unpunctured but empty of gas canisters so I punctured them by hammering then with the tip of an old file (outside) as recommended by Geeves.
Another option is to drop off non-empty canisters at hostels (call first obviously). Many have a hiker box. We always try to score free canisters from a hostel if we're staying at one, before buying a new one.
Jeez, I don't think punchering the canister is a good idea. It may be depressurised but still has gas inside. One little spark and booom!
Jetboil sell a tool called the 'Crunchit' that is made to first completely empty your cannister then pierce it. Sells for about $16 on Torpedo7. If you're worried about it, anyway.
"Jeez, I don't think punchering (sic) the canister is a good idea" We are not talking about half-full cannisters; the gas has been burned off (shake it and you can't feel/hear any liquid). There is no risk of explosion because there is barely enough gas to sustain a flame! I puncture the canister with a cold chisel (to be clear, that's a chisel for cold metal, not one out of the freezer) and put into the recycled waste stream. Simple, easy and no risk.
If worried about residue gas put 2 holes and leave outside for a few days

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Started by indigo1
On 1 April 2018
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