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I lived in New Zealand from 1962 until 1986---25 yrs. I tramped, trapped and hunted much of that time, in Arthur's Pass National Park, and in the Paparoa Mountains, and in Lewis Pass---most beautiful of New Zealand's alpine. During the 1970s I worked for M.A.F. on trout and salmon research in the South Island High Country. During the 1980s I worked for NZFS(DOC) in Westland, where the job included tramping remote classic tracks in the Whitcombe and Hokitika valleys. I lived the Southern Alps in the 1960s, '70s and '80s; in the golden tussock tops of Lewis and Arthur's Pass, and in the wet flax tops of the Paparoa Mountains. Enjoy those mountains. Since late 1986 I have lived in Canada. Greg Ross.

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