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Anyone interested in joining me on the Te Araroa Trail or for parts of it from September 2011 to February/March 2012? I'm currently planning for the Te Araroa Trail and I expect that it will take me five to six months to complete (I'll be taking my time) and I'm hoping to meet up with some trampers whilst I'm on the trail. Meeting others and hiking with them would really add to the experience instead of going it alone the whole way. I can give a rough plan / itinerary showing where I will be and on what dates for those who are interested. I'm not a fast hiker and I usually would hike about 15 to 20km per day. A big day for me would be 25km's. I'm very well prepared and enjoy hiking with those who are also self sufficient. Photography is one of my favorite pastimes and I enjoy it whilst tramping. I also enjoy making mini films of my travels. I am currently living in Sydney.

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