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I've been tramping in the Waitakere's most of my life,and was in scouts in my childhood and then a leader and for the last ten years have belonged to a Outdoors Activities Tramping Club here in Auckland. I regularly lead groups tramping in the Waitakere's. I'm passionate about the past history of the west coast and read most books on the area. My favourite place to tramp and explore is in the Anawhata Coast where we have access to a old house that was built in the 30's and is one of only three houses at Anawhata Beach that we stay in after a day's tramping, on the West Coast about 90mins drive from Auckland CBD. I also enjoy camping and driving the back road of NZ and I've tramped in the Nelson/Blenheim areas two years ago and also Stewart Island. Last Xmas the Travers-Sabine Curcuit at Nelson Lakes climbing up to 1800m and also tramped up the Cedric Alpine Pass from Sabine Hut.

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