Mt Bowen from Fraser Peak March 2013

Mt Bowen from Fraser Peak  March 2013

This photo of Mt Bowen 1965m was taken from near the summit of Fraser Peak 1166m. Both peaks lie between the greater Mikonui and Hokitika catchments in Westland.

The Fraser Peak trig beacon in the picture was lying down but I stood it up a few meters from its original site for the photo. Two earlier trigs are also laying down near the summit. One of iron pipe & wrought iron construction probably dates from the 1800's.

Access to Fraser Peak was via an overgrown deer cullers track from Explorer hut on Douglas Saddle. I lost the original line twice briefly but it was surprisingly good to follow the majority of the way. Last time the track had a complete cut would have been the 1970's.

There are great views from the tops near Fraser Peak & elsewhere on the Bald Hill Range once above the scrub zone. Four huts were noted; Explorer, Mikonui Flat, Healey Creek and Dickie Spur. The location of Mikonui Spur biv can also be picked out. Many peaks & saddles are visible. I'll go back!



  • glennj glennj The Explorer Hut to Fraser Peak track has been reopened by Permolat. Access from Bald Hill is possible too with a pilot track & marking existing through the scrub stretch as of 2017. It's usable but a bit rough at the Fraser Peak end needing more cutting but good on the way up to Bald Hill.
    21 March 2017
  • glennj glennj I have been back on the Bald Hill Range tops but accessed them from the Totara Valley Road this time. An old shooter told me about a prospectors track dating from the late 1800's which he used to use. I found & followed it part of the way. (It's benched) He also told me about a cullers track that accessed Fraser Peak from Mikonui Flat. I haven't tried to locate that one yet.
    4 July 2013
  • glennj glennj Hi Major, I've climbed Bowen back in 75 & been on Miserable Ridge & Mikonui Spur tops at at various times over the years since 74. I'd never been up Fraser Peak though & thought I'd better get up there before I get too old.
    20 March 2013
  • major major Nice photo, have been on top of Mt Bowen but never climbed Fraser peak. Will put on my to do list.
    19 March 2013
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