After parking the car on Anawhata Rd,just adjacent to the entry to the "Rose Track," rolling a quick ciggie, it was time to attack the tramp and get under way. The track initially passes through a private property, so all care and respect is required so that access like these are not lost. The track decends rather steeply down a winding concrete driveway (of which Phil and I commented would have to have been a nightmare to complete!)and then veers off to the right down towards Whites Beach. The entire journey is very picturesque with plenty to see on the way down. Whites Beach itself is an extremely beautiful beach displaying the ruggedness expected of the West Coast.

After making Whites Beach we decided to head over to Fisherman's Rock Point to have a look. If you ever decide to do this please do so with caution as the walk is quite steep in places with a few spots the unwary could easily come to grief. Once over the ridge to Fisherman's Point Rock a little fishing was in order. After rolling another ciggie and patting ourselves on the back for making it this far, we decided that the time was night to "wet the bait". The fishing should have been great by the look of the territory but I can tell you that looks can sometimes be decieving as the only thing caught was a couple of small rock cod (which,of course were returned to the water immediately unharmed, well mostly unharmed, well O.K we admit that one may have become deceased during our careful "de-hooking") but never-the-less a great spot for a fish. Be very careful in this area as at times the sea will catch you out. Remember the old rules, alway's be a couple of "hops" away from a high point and never, ever turn your back on the sea! At one stage, the sea was becoming a bit threatening, but my mate Phil reckoned that it felt much better to turn away from it, that way "you feel better". Poor Phil! Anyway, time for a quick look around and then "outa there". Phil, who I might add, is usually very wise, decided that a "short-cut" back to White's Beach was "on the cards". This would be achieved by a simple excursion around the rocks, as it was now low tide, and the onto the beach. DON'T EVER DO THIS! After clambering over huge boulder's for about half an hour, risking life and limb, guess what? Yes you guessed correctly! A "dead end". At this time I felt a little guilty as I had strong feelings of doing harm to Phil, though my exhaustion stopped me from going any further with my wicked thoughts! I realised that this was a simple mistake that I could have made, NOT! I must learn to challenge Phil more often! Anyway, back up the Rose Track and on our way home. The return journey was obviously more strenuous (especially for us two "old farts") and I'm sure that the "hills" had actually grown in height since we began our journey. Never-the-less we succeeded in climbing out of there,back on to the Anawhata Rd with memories once again etched in our minds of another spectacular day on Auckland's West Coast. I challenge anyone that "rubbishes us Aucklanders" to spend some time and actually look at the beauty "close to hand" here in Auckland, then tell me where else you can drive from the city to a location such as this, do a little tramping, do a little fishing, then drive home again all within about seven hours! C'mon you lot where's the challenge! I love this place and I have been around a little, including three month's on Antarctica so let's be havin' ya' then! Must be some "Mainlander's" out there keen to take me on!!