Jumbo Holdsworth Ridge

Jumbo Holdsworth Ridge

On the ridge between Jumbo and Mt Holdsworth. Typical Tararua day, screaming northerly, lots of clag. East holdsworth on the left. Mt Holdsworth on the right



  • mantis mantis I have had a similar experience with a falcon on top of My Hector in midwinter in the snow. The falcon came up from the Otaki Forks side, low over the summit and down into the Waiohine. There was a decent (by Tararua standards)wind blowing at the time. I saw another Falcon today (18/04/2012)at Otaki Forks
    18 April 2012
  • John Saunders John Saunders I concur. I was here once when the weather quickly changed and got so extreme, I was seriously considering dropping down to the bushline to wait it out with a cuppa in the old bivvy-bag. And then this jogger in shorts, T-shirt and a day-pack appeared. Go figure.
    17 April 2012
  • OldGoat OldGoat That saddle in the background i had to crawl across holding my dog , the wind snow and sleet (NW)was awesome. Part way across i was buzzed by NZ falcon , can you believe that?
    17 April 2012
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