Te Atuaoparapara

Ruahine Forest Park

Te Atuaoparapara

Ruahine Range. The Highest point between Sunrise Hut and Waipawa Saddle (1687 metres)The route between the saddle and Sunrise Hut is also known as "Route 66". There is a bit of a push through leatherleaf and scrub in the saddle between Te Atuaoparapara and the Top Maropea turnoff



  • bigpaul bigpaul I have only ever seen this side in high wind gets really interesting towards the top when its blowing.
    28 February 2012
  • mantis mantis It's always easy when the sun is shining and there's no wind
    28 February 2012
  • madpom madpom Nice shot. Looks easy from there!
    28 February 2012
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