Okui hut October 1977

Te Urewera

Okui hut  October 1977

Here is a not very good photo of the hut which wasn't illustrated here at all until now. I don't remember much about this hut except for the big open fire, the chimney of which we smoked trout in and that it was close to the Whirinaki River. The pic shows Grant Butler breaking up a dead tree head for firewood.

We stayed two nights at Okui hut while doing vegetation survey work in the surrounding bush. From memory a lot of the walking wasn't that good with us commonly passing through areas of dense peppertree, stinging nettle & toetoe (giant cutty grass) There were a few small stands of impressive podocarps encountered including one that contained one of the largest diameter totaras I've ever seen.



  • Booty Okui hut still there but is really only basic shelter. No water at the hut as plumbing has been stolen and only a couple of mattresses as of December 2011. Common plight of huts close to vehicle access.
    30 November 2012
  • pmcke pmcke Not quite sure if Okui Hut is still there, have been meaning to check it out for a while now. Last time I saw it, a couple of years ago, it was a pretty bleak sort of hut and didn't even have a broom. We camped outside. I don't recall it looking like this though so has probably changed over the years. There is a good trip from here over to Mangapouri Hut and then down the Horomanga. The track over to Mangapouri was a bit over growen but passable.
    21 June 2011
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