Aparima Huts

Two huts situated at the bushedge in the Aparima Valley, Takatimus.

The newer hut's an old but standard tramping hut - sleeping 8 on two platforms. There's a woodburner with hotplates on top, and plenty of good firewood around. Tank water is provided. The hut is getting a little run-down, and gaps in windows / door allow easy access for sandflies. The other hut is older - 3 bunks and an open fire - more character, less comfort. Take your pick.

The huts can be reached by 4wd track with the cockey's consent - otherwise it's a 1-2 hour walk up the banks of the Apurima River from the end of the legal Dunrobin Road. There's also access down the Prichester Valley via Beckett's But (Te Araroa walkway) and onwards south over marshy manuka flats to Wairaki Hut.

Continuing upriver leads to either Aprarima Forks Hut (and a pass to Whare Creek & Hut) or Spence Hut (and a pass to Redcliff valley & hut). Both give access to the western side of the park.

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Key information
Owner: DOC
Standard Hut
Sleeps 11
Toilet, Enclosed wood/coal burner, Open fireplace
Water supply
Tap or tank water
Getting there
Getting there
Dunrobin Rd: 6km walk up river flats on cut, marked track.

Prichecter Rd: Here -> Beckets Hut (7km), -> Roadend (+9km) - old farm tracks

Lower Wairaki Hut: 14km, poled route / track

Tower Peak Road: Here -> Aparima Forks Hut (6km, 2-4hrs, track) -> Whare Creek Hut (14km, route) -> Roadend (8km, route)

Redcliff Rd (SH99): Here -> Spence Crk Hut (9km, 3-6hrs, track) -> Redcliff Hut (6km, alpine route) -> SH99 via Windy Col, Windy Creek (16km, route)

This hut is unlocked and open to access.
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mobile phone coverage
No coverage
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