Bettison Stream & Dennistoun Pass Feb 2011

Bettison Stream & Dennistoun Pass  Feb 2011

This pic taken by Neil B with my camera shows two old crusties above the bush line on the Bettison Route. The cut track starts near the Perth River - Scone Creek confluence. Above the bush line there are a couple of deer post size snow poles then rock cairns marking the way into the headwaters of Bettison Stream. The pass in the back ground is Dennistoun Pass.

The map pointer is where the photo was taken from. Very close by we saw three rock wrens.



  • mantis mantis It was a great trip. very little in the way of maps or information then. We counted over 200 Thar and Chamois from our camp in the Bettison. I have posted a pic on the site. Our route was down the left of the ice fall, across the band of snow about half way down and then down the snow shute on the left hand side. The gear we used was fairly old fashioned. look at what is holding the tent up. Also used forged steel crampons and manilla waist ropes (no Harnesses)
    6 March 2011
  • glennj glennj "mantis" what a trip through magnificent country! I say that with a mix of admiration & envy. To get such a long spell of perfect weather in such country is almost unheard of. Bet you saw a lot of animals back then?
    6 March 2011
  • mantis mantis I camped in the Bettison for a week in the summer of 1969/70. Came over the Stewart Saddle from the Godley and down the icefall at the head of the basin. There was no track out of the Bettison in those days. It was a solid day of bushbashing down to the Scone Creek Hut which was very new then. Spent a further week exploring around the Perth and up to the Great Unknown. Then went up Scone creek and over the Sealy Pass back to the Godley. Two and a half weeks of perfect weather. It remains one of my favouritre trips
    1 March 2011
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