Scone hut Feb 2011

Scone hut  Feb 2011

This hut is situated near the confluence of Scone Creek and the Perth River & is on the TL of both. It is an NZFS style six bunker. It was originally a smaller hut built in the 1960's that was extended at a later date. It is a comfortable days walk into Scone hut from the Whataroa road end. The hut is mainly used by thar & chamois hunters but also gets used by trampers and 'extreme' kayakers.

There are hot springs near the hut. A number of hut users commented that they couldn't find them. They are on the TL of the Perth about 50 - 75m below the Redfield swing bridge. There are two hot water sources with the further downstream one being the better one. It is right on the rivers edge at normal flows. We dug out a bath & tried to restrict the cold water inflow. These efforts will only last till the next floods. Three kayakers who had smelt the sulphur in the past but not managed to locate the spring got to use the bath when we told them where it was.



  • mantis mantis I stayed in the hut during christmas / new year 1969. It was pretty much brand new then as the vegitation that had been removed to build it had just started growing back
    9 November 2011
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