Waitewaewae Hut

Waitewaewae Hut

Waitewaiwai Hut on the banks of the Otaki River about 4 hrs from the Otaki Forks road end. Big roomy hut in a nice bush setting. Watch out for mozzies during summer nights. Otherwise known as YTYY



  • OldGoat OldGoat Was in the Kapiti Area office the other day and DOC staff and volunteers were exploring an alternative route then ...but i woudnt hold my breathe about DOC doing much track cutting , although there is a good safety reason for doing so in this case .
    3 November 2011
  • mantis mantis Just found out that Tararua Tramping Club members have marked a route from the top of the big slip in the Waitetapia up to The Plateau, bypassing Saddle Creek. Perhaps this could be to do with DOCs plan to spend quite a lot of money on the track in the future
    7 September 2011
  • monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne Love this hut but the walk in is not one of my favourites. Just seems to go for-ever! Still it's a fabulous roomy shelter and always a welcome site!
    4 September 2011
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