Kime Hut

Kime Hut

Kime Hut, Tararua Range near Mt Hector August 2010. One of the coldest huts in the Tararua's



  • mantis mantis I have heard that a new hut close by is planned in the next couple of years
    7 September 2011
  • bmackz I don't believe its ever warm and I passed by the summer it was built and saw the insulation.
    3 February 2011
  • mantis mantis Don't they say that every person generates about 100 watts of body heat so there would have been the equivalent of a 2.5 kilowatt heater in there. I was up there a couple of years ago for a day walk. There was a 2.5 litre softdrink bottle full of water sitting on the table inside, frozen solid !!.
    29 January 2011
  • madpom madpom Arrived one Friday night from Andersons Memorial in an unexpected blizzard a few years ago - expecting a cold night shivering in all my clothes. Opened the door to be greeted by a wall of heat. It was full moon, midwinter, and 25 people all expecting to do the southern crossing were holed up there. -14 degrees outside, 11 degrees inside. Had to sleep on top of my sleeping bag it was that warm! So it can be heated, if you cram enough people in.
    28 January 2011
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