Mackinnon Pass

Te Wāhipounamu - South West New Zealand World Heritage Area

Mackinnon Pass

Looking West over the pass from near point 1146, Mt Hart vanishes into the cloud.



  • Yarmoss Yarmoss Thanks for the info! Lake Quill certainly sounds like an interesting place to visit from its Moirs description. Something to consider for a return trip to the Milford!
    27 November 2010
  • pmcke pmcke No trouble for a competent tramper. It is a while since I have been there but we got an early start and still had plenty of time to get to the hut. It is a walk up snowgrass to a short grippy bit where you wouldn't want to fall. It is only about 3-4 metres and you just have to hang on. I was worried about getting back down but in the end it was easier going down. Once on the rock it is wonderful going. The rock slabs are so good it is like walking on concrete. One unusual feature is veins of mica. You can peel off great sheets of the stuff like glass. The best view is to go past the peak and you can look down on Lake Quill. I remember thinking, wouldn't it to be great spending a couple of days exploring around these tops. I just see in Moirs that it does take it a little more seriously than I did. We certainly didn't take a rope. And I don't think I was that young ans silly then.
    26 November 2010
  • Yarmoss Yarmoss I had read about an ascent of Mt Hart in Moirs Guide South but was under the impression it was more of a mountaineering route. I take it you've been up it, Pmcke? All the way to the top? How long did it take you to get up and back?
    26 November 2010
  • pmcke pmcke If you get away from the hut early and the day is nice a scramble up Mt Hart along the ridge shown is well worth the effort. There is only 1 short pitch that is steep just at the bottom of that cloud in the pic, but is no real problem for a confident tramper.
    25 November 2010
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