Polluck Creek hut

This hut is situated on a low terrace on the TR of the Kakapotahi River 700 metres above the junction with Polluck Creek. [This catchment as well as being known as the Kakapotahi is also known as the Little Waitaha and Happy Valley] The hut is just beyond the upper end of the easy river flats at the base of a steep spur that runs up to Dickie Ridge.

This hut is mainly used by local hunters & gets little use from trampers despite being close to a roadend and being on a route to both the Tuke and Waitaha headwaters.

Polluck Creek hut Sept 2007 • By glennj. Licence: C.
Key information
Owner: DOC
Basic Hut/Bivvy
Sleeps 6
Toilet, Open fireplace
Water supply
No water
Getting there
Getting there
From a forestry/farm road that leaves Highway 6 about 300 metres south of the Kakapotahi River bridge. (road not suited to low cars) Just before emerging from the forested land onto runoff farmland there is a locked gate. Just past this cut down a water course to the main river and follow it up to the hut. (It is much quicker driving/walking across the farm runoff but you would need to get permission & a key if taking a vehicle. Allow 2hrs if skirting the farmland and a half hour + less if not.
This hut is unlocked and open to access.
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mobile phone coverage
No coverage
ID 5966

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