Sentry Box Hut

Sentry Box Hut

Dodgy little 4 bunker hut located 10 minutes from the Mangleton road end in the Ruahine`s marked for removal in the next 2 years. Hut is quite shabby with the roof falling in and the chimney rusting and full of bullet holes. The track from the hut leads to Parks Peak hut



  • Jono51 Jono51 Yea there seems to be a few marked but nothing has ever come of it. This one, traverse hut and comet hut are all within a few hours drive/walk and theyre all marked. It seems a shame really
    24 July 2010
  • izogi izogi Wow, I'm surprised this is still here. I was there in early 2007 and I'm sure at that time it was on a short-list of huts ready to be removed.
    23 July 2010
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