Mt Dumblane

Hanmer Forest Conservation Park

  • 5 hr – 6 hr return by the same track
  • Easy/medium

An alternative to the more popular Mt Isobel at Hanmer Springs, this track is an easy climb with a reward of great views over the Hanmer Basin and Jacks Pass. Shown on topo maps as Mt Dumblane which is the earlier form of the more common name 'Dunblane'.

Mt Dumblane Summit • By Dean McLennan. Licence: C.
Mt Dumblane: Key information
Walking time
1 day
5 hr – 6 hr
Return by the same track
Return by the same track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mt Dumblane: Find it
Jacks Pass, Clarence Valley Road, Hanmer Springs
870m – 1,303m
Altitude change 433m

From Jacks Pass, follow an unmarked track westward, away from Mount Isobel. Continue on the rising spur, and ignore the track that turns off down to Chatterton River. Eventually the spur climbs onto a ridge with a relatively flat top. Dunblane is the peak off to the left. 

If you want to continue on, the hills out west are all public land: Hanmer Forest Park and Molesworth Reserve. Mount Charon (1542m) is a full day trip. Further on, Miromiro is the highest spot in Hanmer Forest Park at 1875m. It is a 2-3 day journey. 

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