Junction of Fox River and Dilemma Creek

Junction of Fox River and Dilemma Creek

The 300m limestone cliffs here are impressive, and Dilemma Creek is quite beautiful. Beyond here, the route to the Ballroom leads off to the left and the Inland Pack Track leads right.



  • PeterH PeterH Bretton and me arrived at this junction - testosterone in abundance - just as a wild goat ambled across the stones on the other side. I fiddled with the bolt on my 1943 303 and the 10 shot mag fell out onto the ground, scattering shells and sound to the winds. I says to Brett, 'shoot it then' and he looses a 222 in the general direction. It a noise deserving comment so Brett said 'did you here that?' (his spelling wasn't brilliant either). I says 'what about this' and loosed a snotty 180 gm home-load into the unsuspecting river. A noise indeed!
    7 July 2006
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