Tataweka Hut

Te Urewera

Tataweka Hut

According to the DOC pamphlet this hut has been restored back to it's original NZFS specifications and is recorded as a historic place. But, apart from the colour scheme, it seemed much like any other hut to me.

I presume the 1931 painted on the roof is the date it was built



  • pmcke pmcke Also the original open fireplace rather than a stove. I see the story here http://www.doc.govt.nz/conservation/historic/historic-heritage-topics/huts/
    20 May 2009
  • matthew matthew I guess the idea is to designate as "historic" huts that are a good example of a particular style. For example, here the high visibility orange is being maintained instead of the more sedate beige DOC seems to prefer now.
    20 May 2009
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