Toetoe Biv

Toetoe Biv

Toetoe Biv, Landsborough. The river's up, so wasn't able to check out this cozy looking biv.



  • Hugh vN Hugh vN usually locked. Sadly.
    17 June 2014
  • katherinemorris katherinemorris yes, across from Rafters, and is a DOC work biv - usually locked(?). The original bivvy campsite on the map is in the clump of trees nearby (to the left of the biv in this photo) - not much at that site.
    4 December 2011
  • LBDuck LBDuck Is this biv still there? I have been up the Landsborough 3 times in recient years and never seen it? Looks to be directly across from the rafters camp
    7 June 2011
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