Mt Pureora Summit

Pureora Forest Park

Mt Pureora Summit

A fantastic place on a good day, you can see for miles all around. On a cloudy day you will see nothing!



  • SimonJ As of 14 June 2020, the track off the south-south-east end of Mt Pureora going down to the Timber Trail, which DOC has signposted as 'not maintained', is in fact as good as most 'standard' tramping tracks. It is well marked with triangles, it has a well defined ground-trail and has less mud than the Toitoi Trail. Only the first 10m (horizontally) from the summit involves pushing through shoulder-high sub-alpine shrubs
    15 June 2020
  • brenthen brenthen someware on that trig youll find my name it was my first summit !!!!!where the cell ph tower is is where we camped if anyone finds my transistor radio that i lost there id love to know lol also found a few smoke greanades i assume to guide the chopper in to deliver the tower site (was quite a few years ago now)
    18 March 2009
  • bigpaul bigpaul Ive been here twice this is the first time Ive seen the view in fact its the first time Ive seen the trig.
    16 March 2009
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