Mangamako - Casino Biv - Waihua

Te Urewera

A GPX file for this trip. Use of this file will help show where the track crosses into the National Park and leaves it again.

Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Day 1
Elevation range 191m – 637m Total ascent 1,216m
Recorded distance 14.2km Total descent 1,028m
Points 439 Average grade 16%
Start -38.295547, 176.814744191m
End -38.314116, 176.908758379m
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Day 2
Elevation range 74m – 665m Total ascent 1,198m
Recorded distance 18.1km Total descent 1,519m
Points 547 Average grade 15%
Start -38.314040, 176.909009417m
End -38.244161, 176.82657396m


Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
CASINO, CASINO BIV -38.314127 176.908734
Locked Gate, Galatea Rd and Unpaved Road -38.295314 176.814008
MGMAKO, 06-MAY-99 07:30 -38.312963 176.875130
Park Boundary1, 01-MAR-08 9:00:10AM -38.299391 176.847941
Park Boundary2, 02-MAR-08 3:11:10PM -38.261489 176.856535
to Casino -38.326232 176.890764
Turn Off, 01-MAR-08 2:37:03PM -38.326029 176.889002
WAIHUA, WAIHUA HUT -38.277469 176.888368



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