Goldies Bush - Mokoroa Stream Circuit

  • 2 hr 45 min – 3 hr 30 min loop track
  • Easy/medium

An excellent loop route through Goldies Bush Scenic Reserve, exploring both damp and dry forest, and visiting a waterfall.

Mokoroa Stream track • By LynneTw. Licence: C.
Goldies Bush - Mokoroa Stream Circuit: Key information
Walking time
2 hr 45 min – 3 hr 30 min
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Goldies Bush - Mokoroa Stream Circuit: Find it
Constable Road south of Muriwai, or Horseman Road west of Waitakere
20m – 180m
Altitude change 160m

This route combines the Goldie Bush Walkway, Mokoroa Stream Track, and Mokoroa Falls Track into a single circuit. You can start the circuit from either Constable or Horseman Roads, but it is probably more fun to walk clockwise, leading up to the falls. Note that the Mokoroa Stream section is significantly more challenging that the other two sections of track. Refer to the tracks above for details.

Mokoroa Stream track • By LynneTw. Licence: C.

Starting from Constable Road, follow the easy track down to the junction at Mokoroa Stream (25 minutes), take the Stream Track up to the falls (1 hour 20 minutes), and the Falls Track to Horseman Road (25 minutes). The Goldies Bush Track branches off right just short of the Horseman Road car park, and leads easily through dry forest. Eventually it drops down steps to the stream crossing at the first junction (1 hour). Cross here, and climb back up to Constable Road (25 minutes).

Starting from Horseman Road, follow the same circuit, turning left to follow the Goldies Bush Track down to the Mokoroa Stream junction. Cross the stream and follow the Stream Track up to the Falls, then the Falls Track back to the car park. This loop is about 45 minutes shorter as there is no need to climb up to Constable Road.

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