Egmont in the Evening

Egmont in the Evening

Mount Egmont viewed from Syme Hut, Fanthams Peak on a summers evening.



  • sweetytweety If you haven't climbed Fantham's Peak yourself to take your own photo (which is well worth the effort) this photo is now available on
    10 April 2009
  • matthew matthew Wow!
    20 September 2007
  • mikeb mikeb The best photo of Taranaki I've ever seen. Love it, well done. How can i get a copy for my wall?
    3 April 2007
  • sweetytweety The climb up to Syme Hut on Fanthams Peak is a short, steep trip that is achievable in summer for anybody with a reasonable level of fitness that is prepared for the changeable weather that this area experiences. On a fine day the views are well worth the exertion.
    18 March 2007
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