Sparrowhawk Bivouac

Ruahine Forest Park

Sparrowhawk Biviouac (sleeps 2-3, tank water) is one of the nicer biv's in the Ruahine's. The biv is a typical waist-high sleeping-box, with 2 matresses on the floor, and space for 3 at a push (the hut book records that 10 people slept there on one night - figure how!). In addition, a roofed entranceway has been added, where it is possible to stand, cook and eat in comfort. The entranceway has a door but a mud floor, which seems a shame as flooring there is all it would take to convert a basic bivvy good for a night's shelter into a hut comfortable for a longer stay.

The biv lies in a hollow 400m to the east of the main ridge (signposted from the ridge, but no poles mark the route between the signpost and biv - obvious in good visibility, but harder to find in bad weather or at night).

A stone fire-ring outside shows that fires are possible, and leatheleaf bushes abound for firewood - though as the hut itself has no fireplace, no dry firewood is maintained.

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Key information
Owner: DOC
Basic Hut/Bivvy
Sleeps 3
Water supply
Tap or tank water
Getting there
Getting there
Makaroro Roadend /Wakarara Road (278950,615690): 8km (2.5-5 hours) track (shorter river route possible) with 2 river crossings.

Sunrise Hut: 7.5km (2.5 - 5 hours) partailly poled route across easy but exposed tops

Kylie Bivouac: 10km (3-6 hours) partially poled route across easy but exposed tops

Barlow Hut: 8km (2.5-5 hours) route across tops, cut track down Colenso Spur.

This hut is unlocked and open to access.
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mobile phone coverage
No coverage
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