North Boundary Track

Ohinetahi Bush Reserve

  • 15 min one way
  • Medium

A short detour from Faulkner's Track in the Christchurch Port Hills.

North Boundary Track: Key information
Walking time
15 min
One way
One way
Vaguely marked and rough trail. Grades explained
No bookings — open access
No — open access
North Boundary Track: Find it
Faulkner's Track, Ohinetahi Reserve, Christchurch
Faulkner's Track, Ohinetahi Reserve, Christchurch
288m – 421m
Altitude change 133m

This short track climbs a forested gully next to the grassy Faulkner's Track. It is a rough, and barely marked on the ground.

The bottom of the track is located at the point where Faulkner's Track dips into the forest gully for a minute. Cross the bouldery gully and locate the track. It climbs onto a rocky spur before dropping back into the ferny gully. Soon it pops out again beneath bluffs, and sidles back over to Faulkner's Track. 

The top end is located 5 minutes from the top of Faulkner's Track, while the bottom end is located about 25 minutes from the bottom of Faulkner's Track.

This track needs a photograph.
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