Forums moderation occurs when:

  1. A moderator notices a breach of posted rules, or
  2. A forums user flags a message for moderation.

Moderation follows these steps:

  1. The moderator considers whether the message breaches posted rules.
  2. The moderator selects an appropriate and proportionate course of action.
  3. The reporter and the original poster are notified of the decision. In future, the message will be marked as moderated, and the moderation outcome logged and publicly visible. 

Courses of action available to the moderator include but are not limited to:

  1. Approving the post.
  2. Warning with 72 hours' notice to amend the post.
  3. Warning and post deletion.
  4. Temporary suspension of forums access for periods of 7 days, 30 days, or any other length.
  5. Permanent user exclusion from one forum.
  6. Permanent user exclusion from all forums.
  7. Permanent user block from entire website.
  8. Topic move or rename.
  9. Temporary topic closure. 
  10. permanent topic closure.
  11. Topic deletion.

Following are guidelines for moderation courses of action:

  • Minor rule breach (e.g. language, mild racism, off topic): course (2).
  • Serious rule breach (e.g. personal attack, hate speech): course (3).
  • Second serious rule breach in 30 days: course (4).
  • Ongoing repeated serious rule breaches in one or more forums: courses (5) and (6).
  • Threatening behaviour: course (7).
  • Spammer or span content: courses (7) and (11).
  • Unnecessary levels of conflict between multiple parties: course (9).
  • Repeated ongoing conflict on a topic: course (10).