Short Walk

Short Walk

Standing looking out onto the lake was a great reward for the short walk into lake. We left Christchurch early on Saturday the 20th of May 2006. We set of from the carpark about 10am. We took about 3 hours to walk into the hut. Being a short walk we took plenty to eat and drink. It was a great way to spend the night..........everyone should do it once in a while.


  • PeterH PeterH Years ago. Three of us walked in here, with a hunting permit for the area - remember those? There was snow, it was cold. We walked to the next hut (and back) on the Sunday. Everyone had gone by then so we just leaned our rifles against the bench. Les chucked a line in off the jetty, a ranger (Mannix was his name. I tell the truth here) came along the track. He was not impressed. Threatened to impound all our gear - two rifles and a fishing rod - and take it all out with him, his rifle and his pack. That is worth the memory and it cost nothing!
    7 July 2006
  • matthew matthew Lake Daniells, right?
    22 June 2006
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