Mount Guy

  • 3 hr 30 min – 4 hr loop track
  • Medium

This loop takes in a little mountain and expansive views over Lake Clearwater and the Hakatere Basin.

Moraines below the Dogs Range • By matthew. Licence: C.
Mount Guy: Key information
Walking time
1 day
3 hr 30 min – 4 hr
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mount Guy: Find it
Lake Clearwater camping ground, Hakatere Potts Road.
667m – 1,319m
Altitude change 652m

Mount Guy is situated on the shores of Lake Clearwater, in the heart of the Ashburton Lakes. Views stretch in all directions from the Pacific Ocean through to Mount d'Archiac in the Southern Alps. A straightforward track leads to the summit, with the option or returning along an unmarked route.

View from Mount Guy • By matthew. Licence: C.

Lake Clearwater Circuit Track

From the camping ground on the lakeshore, take the 4WD track eastward over golden tussockland. The track heads around to the lake outlet and over a bridge. It continues around the lake and soon passes to a stile, where the Mount Guy Track sets off.

Mount Guy Track

A light, poled trail leads directly up the hillside through a patch of Celmisia daisies and up alongside a rocky chute. The track steepens as it passes a rocky knob then eases off to wander up to the summit of Mount Guy. From here, you can return the way you came or take the longer route described below.

Return route

Follow the easy ridge to the northwest, down to a saddle cloaked in Raoulia grandiflora, and over the next point (1274). Beyond here, an obvious spur leads down to the west. Opposite are the striking knobs of rock and scree at the foot of the flat-topped Dogs Range. 

Follow the spur down to a saddle overlooking a terrace. The point is marked by a tarn. The Te Araroa Trail passes by along a fenceline here, and the Mystery Lake turn-off is just east of the tarn. Instead, head downhill off the terrace on the muddy Te Araroa Trail. Partway down, a gate in the fence splits the trail. Stay on the left of the fence. Soon, the fence bends, and the Te Araroa Trail continues off to the southwest.

Pick up a new track called the Eastern Link Track. This leads easily along a pretty and tussocky stream beneath the flanks of Mount Guy. Eventually you will meet the Lake Clearwater Circuit Track. Turn left, and follow it back around the eastern end of the lake. 

Walking times

  • Lake Clearwater Circuit Track: 25 minutes
  • Mount Guy Track: 1 hour 10 minutes 
  • Unmarked route to saddle: 45 minutes
  • Te Araroa Trail: 15 minutes
  • Eastern Link Track: 25 minutes
  • Lake Clearwater Circuit Track: 35 minutes
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