A Waioeka - Urewera Tarverse

Te Urewera, Waioeka Conservation Area

A trip shadowing the main divide through the Waioeka Conservation Area and Urewera National Park.

See related track for a route guide

Note: this route is hand-drawn off maps, and not recorded from a GPS. As such whilst it shows the route taken it will be typically accurate to no better than 50m.

[Altitude data for each point were obtained from the University of Otago's NZSoSDEM. Data is provided by them under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 NZ license]

Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Elevation range 117m – 1,287m Total ascent 7,244m
Recorded distance 77.4km Total descent 6,592m
Points 516 Average grade 18%
Start -38.291633, 177.384131262m
End -38.632585, 177.031839914m



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