Seaward Kaikouras and Blind Saddle

Route out of Kahutara Biv

Route showing advantageous bypasses to avoid scrub and sidling track to biv from spur (which is marked with cruise tape).   More ▶︎

Kahutara Bivvy

Late model round-top NZFS biv on the Northern Branch of the Kahutara River in the Seaward Kaikoura Range. Previously in ...   More ▶︎

East West Route

A long trail through remote, desolate high country between the Clarence River and Molesworth Recreation Reserve.   More ▶︎

Alfred Hut

Small hut on Alfred Stream, Seaward Kaikoura Range.   More ▶︎

Tent Poles Hut

Historic iron and timber hut dating from around 1928. Tent Poles Hut was a stop on a pack track for ...   More ▶︎
Herring River flats

Herring River flats

All the rosebriar you can eat ...   More ▶︎

Black Spur Slab Hut

Historic hut thought to date from 1928 on the Seaward Kaikoura Range. This hut is built of poplar slabs over ...   More ▶︎

Warden Hut

Tidy modern hut on a tributary of Cold Stream, on the way into the Clarence River. The walk in is about ...   More ▶︎

Bluff Dump Hut

An historic hut no longer available for accommodation. Warden Hut is nearby. This hut is an iron musterers' hut dating ...   More ▶︎