Mt Turiwhate track

glennj glennj 4 Jan 2022
Dave W. came along. Climbed up through cloud but tops were clear.
glennj glennj 15 Oct 2020
glennj glennj 22 Apr 2018
Michael Anderson jnr. and I did a track maintenance run, visited the plane crash memorial and walked the ridge line as far as the trig then returned to the car in a longish day.
glennj glennj 28 May 2017
Honora Honora 1 Jan 2016
Great views but surprisingly time-consuming trip. I guess it's all the ups and downs along the summit ridge. Superb effort in the track cutting, thanks Glenn.
kahukat 1 Oct 2015
Track is in great shape - took tools up to cut it but hardly needed them. The new stakes look good too.
glennj glennj 30 Jul 2015
There are now two stakes on the tops marking where to turn off the main ridge and a side spur when descending to the track that goes to the Grahams Creek bridge.
glennj glennj 20 Nov 2014
Greg Ross kept me company. We worked our way up doing track work as we went but there was nothing major to do as the track had received plenty of attention from me in April. We only went as far as where the tussock spur above the top of the track hits the main ridge as higher up was in thick cloud. Saw a few goats as per normal. Elle dog came along too.
glennj glennj 1 Apr 2014
Visited the two highest points on the 9th. This track got four visits from me in April. It is now quite ok to walk again. It was very overgrown back in 2010. Since then volunteers have re cut & remarked most of the track to the tussock. More work is planned. Once in the tussock it's follow your nose.
BAynsley BAynsley 1 Jan 2013
glennj glennj 1 Jan 2010