Old Ghost Road

Honora Honora 8 Mar 2021
I loved this tramp. The geology, bird and plant life was spectacular. The planning into the track formation and the huts was admirable. Everyone we met was considerate and companionable except for a group of 14 mountain bikers. Their behaviour has prompted me to give The OGR site feedback. As we four occupants were settling down to sleep around 8pm at Ghost Lake Hut on 27/02/21 we were told that a group of 14 mountain bikers were starting to arrive. We initially thought this was a joke. They came in and we made them welcome, letting them know about the shower and how to turn on the gas rings etc. The six other people staying there in the private huts had also settled in for the night. However when we went to bed this group of MTBikers acted as though there was no one else in the hut to show consideration to. They talked in loud voices, banged doors and stomped around on the wooden floor as they cooked their meals. When I heard through my ear plugs that one was planning to light the fire with 18 occupants in the hut on a mild evening, I rose and informed the individual that he was not to light the fire as it would make the hut too warm and people would be unable to sleep. Despite this I realized he had gone off and chopped kindling so I poured 2 kettles of cold water into the unlit ashes (the next morning I cleared out the firebox and left it dry). At 9.30pm an elderly woman got up and requested they keep the noise levels down. By this time I'd gone elsewhere to try and sleep. We were feeling very angry with their behaviour. In the morning we got away early from the very warm hut and were startled by their hurtling down the track without warning, as we approached the Spent River valley. There was only one considerate member of the group (he had a beard) who let us know how many people were following after - as per MTBiker protocol which every other MTBiking group we met had observed. While we were staying at Ghost Lake Hut, a young dark-headed woman entered the lake for a complete immersion swim despite the sign telling her not to do so . Later that evening after the firebox issue I told her she was an environmental vandal and that I would report her. This group didn't have any grown-up women with them and perhaps this is why they behaved so badly. They described themselves as farmers from around Rangiora. If so, their behaviour has given farmers a bad name. The only explanation I can think of why someone would have wanted to light the fire is that they wanted to burn some rubbish they were carrying. It was so hot one of their group chose to sleep in the entrance annex. For this reason I recommend that you book one of the private huts there rather than staying at the main hut as you're at the mercy of potential oafish behaviour.
glennj glennj 1 Jan 2015
First tramped the Lyell end in the 1970's and the Mokihihinui in 2009 all before the cycleway was constructed. Have been back a few times since then most recently Jan 2015 to visit the newly constructed Lyell Range part of the track & Stern Valley and Ghost Lake Huts.
iangeorge iangeorge 9 Oct 2014
quarta_master quarta_master 1 Nov 2013
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