A 5 day loop in the Ureweras

James Wood 12 Jan 2017
I did a slightly longer version of this walk where instead of heading up the Tauranga river from Mangatoatoa Hut to Te Pua, I went to Te Panaa Hut via Makomako and the six foot track. I still managed to fit the trip into 5 days and didn't see another person while I was in there. I did spot a dog, 4 stags, 7 whio and 14 horses however. As per usual, the climb up Te Rangaakapua was fairly overgrown and required keen eyes to find the track in places. From Te Rangaakapua hut, I had to frequently leave and return to the track on the way down to Mangatoatoa due to windfall. I think there was windfall obscuring the service sign at the junction between Mangatoatoa and the route north to Te Pua hut. I missed this sign completely and unknowningly made the turnoff for Mangatoatoa which luckily I had intended to do. What has changed the most since other user reports, perhaps, is the climb up from Maniaroa Stream on the way to Tataweka. This climb up to point 985 is now completely overgrown, with young plants growing over the track to head height. The track is easy to stick to as it is well marked and follows a narrow ridge, however you'll get a face full of leaves and find the climb a challenging bush bash. Curiously, the decent down the other side is fairly well cleared, with only the odd bit of windfall. Pleasingly, all the huts along the way (with the exclusion of Otane Bivy, which I didn't visit and therefore can't comment on) were in great condition. Clean, and no rat problems. Te Pua had one dead rat caught in a trap.
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