Queen Charlotte Track

Dive-Climb-Ride 24 Feb 2023
Did it in 2 days and with a 40l pack for a challenge. Hated myself afterwards for a couple hours but legs had recovered by the next day. Will do it again slower with a bigger pack for sure.
alexespunto 21 Nov 2015
hutchk hutchk 1 Apr 2014
An underrated three day walk through stunning Sounds scenery visiting several historic sites along the way. Treat yourself for once and let the shuttle deliver all of your heavy stuff to the campsite each night.
jason4 1 Mar 2010
nellyt 1 Dec 2009
matthew matthew 13 Nov 2009
Sheryl McGlashan 1 Oct 2008
Chilli Bob Chilli Bob 1 Feb 2005
birdy birdy 1 Jan 2005
mejules mejules 1 Nov 2004
birdy birdy 1 Jan 2004
peter1945 peter1945 1 Jan 2004
chris1 chris1 21 Jan 2001