Abel Tasman Inland Track

lloydy lloydy 1 Apr 2016
I did the top half of this track combined with the coastal track from Wainui to Awaroa, heading inland on the Waiharekeke Stream to pick up first the road then Pigeon Saddle to Awapoto Hut. Then day trip to Moa Park (now classified as a shelter, but you could overnight there) and Porter Rock, and returning via Wainui Saddle & Hut (where there's a small aviary nearby with breeding Kaka parrots) back to Awapoto Hut and out the next day via Pigeon saddle. Big contrast to the Abel Tasman coastal track, loads of roots can make for slow going at times. There's clearly been alot of work put in by Doc clearing the very extensive windfall (both N and S of Awapoto Hut) that Matthew describes from a couple of years ago, that must have been some storm! Awapoto Hut's got good views down to Awaroa and also there's some good views of Golden Bay both sides of Pigeon saddle but otherwise much of it is in the thick bush. Still, good tramping and excellent contrast from the coastal Great Walk, it's possible to link both for circular walk avoiding transport issues.
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