Tongariro Northern Circuit

Pageix 4 Jun 2016
john dutchie john dutchie 25 Feb 2016
alexespunto 10 Nov 2015
Had both days awesome weather. Two long but amazing days. The crossing section is for me the best walk so far.
Sydney 23 Oct 2015
I loved this track. Most of the tramping we have done so far in New Zealand has been through beautiful plush rain forests. This was a nice contrast, with really open stark landscapes when viewed from afar, but bursting with color and life close up. The crossing was my favorite day view-wise, not just becuase of the alpine but the awesome colors as we descended east of the pass.
Elee987 Elee987 26 Mar 2015
Chris R. 1 Apr 2014
2 Days - started at Whakapapa and went counter clockwise. Avg 28 km/day. Spent night at Oturere hut - great hut close to edge of drop with huge waterfall closeby and great views of the volcano. Second day hike up to Ngaruhoe and down and back around out to car parked at Whakapapa. Last ~2hrs were in dark with rain that turned to snow. Amazing 2 days.
hutchk hutchk 1 Jan 2014
Nothing beats ending a three day walk with a buffet lunch at the Chateau (we certainly ate our money's worth)
hutchk hutchk 1 Jan 2014
Katyj Katyj 2 Mar 2012
We took three days. The last day was very wet and cold walking from Waihohonu to Whakapapa
hazel 1 Apr 2011
Anita77 Anita77 1 Feb 2011
Haqii Haqii 26 Jun 2010
Briar Briar 1 May 2010
Butchers Butchers 1 Jan 2010
Philo 1 Jan 2010
Briar Briar 23 Jun 2009
Moh_Oz 11 Feb 2009
My wife and I walked this back in 2011. Leaving the hordes doing the crossing behind us, we extended the northern circuit by walking the around the mountain track which we loved.
Chilli Bob Chilli Bob 1 Feb 2009
mejules mejules 1 Nov 2008
ianpryce ianpryce 1 Jan 2007
bigpaul bigpaul 1 Jan 2007
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