Lake Waikaremoana Track

rkstr626 rkstr626 25 Apr 2018
Did this walk 10 years ago to the date and bloody loved it. Did it again this year, walked anti-clockwise starting at the Whanganui hut. Took us 4 nights and 4 days, first night we were just dropped at the hut and stayed the night. didn't do any walking that day. Had great weather the first two days, third day was overcast and that night at the Panakeri hut the rain set in. The walk out as a wet one, got soaked. got down the hill in 2 and a half hours, just in time for the early taxi and drive back to Auckland. The tracks were very muddy, even before the rain, they could use some maintenance. One of the older, smaller huts had mice and they snuck into my pack that had a slight opening in the zip and nibbled on half of the food. The firewood provided at the huts was very wet and it was tough to keep a fire roaring. Saw a kiwi in the bush right next to the first hut, so that was an awesome surprise. Lots of possums around and saw a stoat during the day. Managed to kill a possum with the firewood axe. Would still do it again. a good day hike or overnighter would be to just walk up to Panakeri and back. you get all the best views that way.
KiwiAkio KiwiAkio 30 Mar 2018
Amazing weather over the Easter Weekend. Booked the huts but slept outside over the three nights.
SianS SianS 21 Mar 2016
Lucky with the weather and the lake was beautiful. Great for a swim at the start and end of the day. Huts are fantastic. I stayed at Big Bush the night before starting and booked vehicle/boat transfers with them, all up $80 and a good service. Take insect repellant and your ear plugs.
alexespunto 3 Nov 2015
First day some scenery views 2nd and 3rd just rain.
Elee987 Elee987 4 Oct 2014
Chris R. 19 Apr 2014
From NYC. This was my first "real" overnight hike in NZ. First afternoon took water taxi to the Landing in the North. Hiked 45 mins to Whanganui and got there by sundown. Next day hiked 28km to Waiopaoa Hut for Easter dinner. Last day hiked out over Panekire ridge to end (start for some). Great hike along the shoreline. Was rainy/misty first day. Clear on ridge day (thank god). Fantastic views from the ridge not just down to the lake but also east all the way to the ocean over Hawkes Bay. Great easy/medium walk, lots of really nice huts along the way on the lake shore with water views. Don't skip the waterfall detour with the river crossing via cable! I am quite fit, had a fairly full pack and did Whanganui to Waiopaoa huts in @ 8.5 hrs (including stops and the detour to the waterfall). Day 2 from Waiopaoa hut over the ridge and down was 14km in 5hrs total with 1100m of elevation gain.
hutchk hutchk 1 Nov 2013
Absolutely stunning. Varied topography and wildlife make for an interesting tramp. Walked it off season and had campgrounds to ourselves - not too chilly at night, and nice and cool during the day. A (short) dip in the lake is a must do - cold but invigorating.
Mike05 25 Apr 2013
Group of 3 did it in 2 half days with one full day in between. Stayed at Marauiti hut first night then Panekire 2nd night.
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Katyj Katyj 1 Jan 1980
Beautiful lake and mostly flat walk. It rains a lot here! Wilderness aspect somewhat spoilt by boat access to the huts