Manuoha - Waikareiti Circut

Pageix 23 Apr 2016
malcdizzle malcdizzle 24 Jul 2013
Cool little walk. Both huts in good condition with running water and fire places (albeit with wet wood). Snow had settled on the ground from about 1200m onwards but fortunately somebody else had just walked the track so we could use their foot holes instead of making our own. took about 5 hours including lunch to get up to manuoha from road, about 6 hours the next day to sandy bay hut and then about 4 hours out. track is well marked, wind fall has been recently cleared. Undergrowth around the track is thick at times but as mentioned, the track is well marked so this does not hinder navigation. Luckily we got a free boat ride to the start of the track from some hunters, otherwise transport from motorcamp is ~$45 each with a minimum no. of people required.
malcdizzle malcdizzle 22 Jul 2013
pmcke pmcke 1 Oct 2007
bigpaul bigpaul 1 Jan 2007