Croesus Track

BAynsley BAynsley 7 Dec 2016
Great day for walk
lil50 17 May 2015
BAynsley BAynsley 14 Sep 2013
Fair bit of fresh windfall - great day in the snow on the tops
BAynsley BAynsley 18 May 2013
Barrytown to smoke-ho carpark - track in good condition -3 hours (running)
andyc andyc 5 Feb 2012
lil50 30 Jul 2011
ledge ledge 1 Jul 2010
Dulkara Martig Dulkara Martig 1 Apr 2010
matthew matthew 8 Mar 1997
glennj glennj 1 Jan 1980
During my first tramping and work forays in this area we usually walked from the old rubbish dump back near the Roa road unlike these days when you can get to the Smoke Ho carpark in a two wheel drive car. Good 4x4's could sometimes get up the old coalmining & logging road to Smoke Ho but at times it was impassable until road repairs were done.
glennj glennj 1 Jan 1978
Tekinga Tekinga 6 Feb 1976