Griffin Creek - Rocky Creek

Honora Honora 15 Mar 2014
We went in from the Harrington Ck end as far as the first bypass track heading towards the Rocky/Griffin Saddle. Greg Ross did extensive clearing, marking and sign posting of this section of track in March 2012 and we tidied it up and marked the entrances some more to make it even more obvious. It sounds as though more work is needed on the way to the saddle although Merv Meredith did a bit of work at the top end of the Griffin side of the saddle in March, 2014 until his loppers broke! Frank and I completely cut the track from the saddle down the Rocky Creek side to Rocky Hut over 3 weekends. We have created a 2 person campsite at the final junction (Toitoi Junction) when going upstream to the saddle from Rocky Hut. The rest of the track is not too bad. As Matthew says, there are several bypass tracks avoiding travel in Rocky Ck. These are quicker than the river travel. It took us 2 and a half hours to get from the hut to the car last time we did this trip, using these bypass tracks. They need some clearing and more obvious marking though Eigill did some work on them in 2013, I think. Thanks to all for your contributions to keeping the tracks clear and obvious.
glennj glennj 1 Mar 2013
Went from Harrington Ck thru to Rocky Ck Biv via Griffin Ck. Stayed the night there then climbed Mt McInerney, returnd to the Biv picked up my gear & walked out to the Taipo & back around the road to my car at Fitzgerald's at Harrington Ck. Was surprised at how much the Rocky Saddle section had deteriorated since my last visit and how much regrowth there was around Rocky Biv. (Did a little to improve both situations)
matthew matthew 4 Apr 2009
Byron Byron 6 Dec 2008
matthew matthew 4 Feb 2007
glennj glennj 1 Jan 1975
The tracks were pretty good back in the NZFS days of 75 and the Rocky Creek Biv was almost brand new. Got charged by two wild cattle beasts in the bush at the Harrington Creek end & thankfully reached a big tree in the nick of time. There are no wild cattle there these days.