Blue Lake

Tekinga Tekinga 19 Mar 2014
Cheated...water taxi to Sabine Jetty walked into West Sabine Hut, 4 hours actual walking (2 hours enjoying the scenery and the several hot coffees) and camped about fifty meters downstream, casually strolled up to Blue Lake next morning at a fast pace of about five hours.. we did stop and boil the billy twice..Well worth the stroll what a view. met some very interesting people up there, had lunch at the lake then headed off up to Lake Constance to camp the night.Camped amonget the rocks above Lake Constance about fifty meters from the scree before the bluffs great spot , Walked back down the Sabine next morning camped on the second flat from the bottom as developed nasty blister under large toe and travel wasn't fun anymore, we ate indoors that evening as the natives (sandflies) were very friendly, had a pleasant sleep away early and off down to Sabine hut arriving about two hours later to be met by wasps, bumble bees and yes good old sand flies. Call to Lake Rotoroa Water taxi and pick up arrange for later in day God I love modern tramping when you have a sore toe....and a soft way out ...LOL Awesome track and will definitely visit this place again. Spectacular I do think DOC do a great job with the tracks that they maintain and the huts that are provided but really with the millions spent on pest control surely wasp nests around the Sabine hut Could at least be dealt to, particularly with the amount of foot traffic that passes thru this area, my son who was with me commented to me on the way home that in all the years we had been tramping together (14 years) he didn't think he had seen as many trampers all up collectively as we passed in the four days we were in the Sabine
bernieq bernieq 13 Feb 2013
2nd time to Blue Lake, this time tramping from St Arnaud to Lewis Pass (via Waiau, Thompson, D'Urville, 3 Tarns Passes). Blue Lake even bluer this time; a bright summer's day - and the greens are iridescent.
Briar Briar 12 Feb 2013
Took about 7 1/2 hours from Blue Lake to Sabine Hut. Nice enough valley, but the constant flat/downhill gradient got a bit monotonous after a while.
bernieq bernieq 15 Apr 2011
Walked to Blue Lake as a side trip on the Travers-Sabine loop - surprisingly blue even on a grey cloudy day.
mejules mejules 1 Nov 2009
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