Tunnel Point Campground

For Hillary Trail
Alert Swanson Link Section closed

Swanson Link (alternate finish) between Wainamu Junction and Swanson Railway Station is closed temporarily in order to manage Kauri Dieback Disease

Tracks closed for kauri protection, Auckland Council | Further information about Kauri Dieback

Date 6 Dec 2017 21:52
Source Auckland Council
For Waitakere Ranges Regional Park
Alert Waitākere Rāhui

A rāhui (a type of tapu and customary prohibition or closure) has been placed over Waitākere Ranges Regional Park by the local iwi, Te Kawerau a Maki. The rāhui concerns the spreading Kauri Dieback Disease, and is intended to "prevent and control human access until effective and appropriate research, planning and remedial work is completed to ensure the risks are neutralised or controlled." The rāhui is not legally enforceable.

Media release | Further information about Kauri Dieback

Date 6 Dec 2017 21:12
Source Te Kawerau a Maki
For Waitakere Ranges Regional Park
Alert Targeted track closure to manage kauri dieback disease

Targetted track closures for Waitākere Ranges to manage Kauri Dieback Disease

Closed permanently:

  • Bob Gordon Track
  • La Trobe Track
  • Lucy Cranwell Track
  • Nihotupu Ridge Track
  • Nugget Track
  • Robinsons Ridge
  • Summit Track
  • Taumata Track
  • Walker Kauri Track

Closed temporarily:

  • Ahu Ahu Track
  • Anderson Track
  • Arthur Mead Track
  • Auckland City Walk
  • Browne Track
  • Buck Taylor Track
  • Cascade Track
  • Cave Rock Track
  • Centennial Track
  • Chateau Mosquito Track
  • Christies Track
  • Clark Bush Track
  • Con Bryan Track
  • Cowan Track
  • Crusher Pipe Track
  • Cutty Grass Track
  • Destruction Gully Track
  • Donald McLean Track
  • Dreamlands Track
  • East Tunnel Mouth Track
  • Fairy Falls Track
  • Farley Track
  • Fence Line Track
  • Ferndown Track
  • Filter Track
  • Fletcher Track
  • Forbes Track
  • Gibbons Track
  • Goat Hill Track
  • Goodfellow Track
  • Hamilton Track
  • Hettig Track
  • Home Track
  • Horoeka Track
  • Houghton Track
  • Huia Ridge Track
  • Incline Track
  • Kakamatua Inlet Track
  • Kakamatua Ridge Track
  • Karamatura Loop Walk
  • Karamatura Track
  • Kauri Grove Track
  • Kuataika Track
  • Kura Track
  • Lower Kauri Track
  • Lower Nihotupu Dam Road
  • Manukau Bar View Walk
  • Marguerite Track
  • Maungaroa Lookout Track
  • Maungaroa Ridge Track
  • McKenzie Track
  • Muir Track
  • Odlin Timber Track
  • Old Coach Road Track
  • Omanawanui Track
  • Panto Track
  • Pararaha Valley Track
  • Parau Track
  • Peripatus Track
  • Piha Valley Track
  • Pipeline Track
  • Pole Line Track
  • Pukematekeo Track
  • Puriri Ridge Track
  • Quarry Track
  • Rangemore Track
  • RGB Track
  • Ridge Road Track
  • Sharp Bush Track
  • Signal House Track
  • Simla Track
  • Sisam Track
  • Smyth Ridge Track
  • Spragg Bush Walk
  • Swanson Pipeline Track
  • Tom Thumb By-Pass Track
  • Tom Thumb Track
  • Twin Peaks Track
  • Upper Huia Dam Track
  • Upper Kauri Track
  • Ussher Track
  • Wainamu Bush Track
  • Waitakere Tramline Walk
  • Waitoru Reserve Track
  • Walker Ridge Track
  • West Tunnel Mouth Track
  • Whatitiri Track
  • Winstone Track
  • Zion Hill Track
  • Zion Ridge Track

Track closures in the Waitākere Ranges, Auckland Council | Further information about Kauri Dieback

Date 15 May 2019 21:58
Source Auckland Council