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Miro Hutt Correction.

Len Blackwell was not one of the builders of this hutt - it was Barney Reynolds. Ivan Ranford, Kaye Guard, Barney Reynolds and Erne Davis - the builders. David Ranford.   More ▶︎

Miro Hutt off Scott's Road

This hut was built by Ivan RANFORD (my uncle) with assistance from Kaye Guard, Len Blackwell and Ernie Davis.It was built as a hut to shoot the "roar" from. Kaye carted in the corrugated iron, a trying task. Ivan used to go ...   More ▶︎
History in the hills: Stamper batteries

History in the hills: Stamper batteries

Stamper batteries were massive iron machines, hauled into remote locations in the search for gold. Many are still there today.   More ▶︎