Elle dog on Mt Turiwhate track April 2014

Elle dog on Mt Turiwhate track  April 2014

This picture was taken about 500 metres up Grahams Creek from SH73 where the Turiwhate track leaves the creek bed and starts climbing steeply up a face on the TL.

The sign post which has been there since late last year marks where to leave the creek bed. Because the track markers where the track leaves the creek are in a shady spot some people had been having difficulty seeing where the track up the hill started. That shouldn't happen again whilst the sign is in place.

This was Elle dogs first trip up the Turiwhate track for quite some time. She's been left at home because I'd been scared she may get secondary poisoning from a carcass from last Winter/Springs 1080 operations in the area. This trip there was next to no possum sign to be seen but there is still a goat population in the area. Elle dog just indicates a goats presence and neither barks nor chases them.



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    7 April 2014
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