Comet Hut - still there and looking good.

Comet Hut - still there and looking good.

Despite being slated for removal several years ago hut seems well maintained and in good order. Change of heart from DOC perhaps?



  • hutchk hutchk Great work Hans - thank you (and your mates)
    18 June 2014
  • Hans Willems The Comet Hut is renamed to Komata because of the Komata high point just above it. The hut is still there because I convinced DOC to leave it under my care (with the help of mates of course). Lately the hut has been exposed - again! - to vandalism. If that continues, the continued existence of the hut cannot, however, be guaranteed. Luckily, in the course of my work for DOC, I am in a position to go and check up on the hut about every two weeks or so.Cheers; Hans Willems
    13 May 2014
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