Death Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley is an offshoot of Kay Creek and makes an interesting and straight forward alternative to a crossing from Scott Creek to Kay Creek or vise versa.

Looking down Death Valley from below where the lake outlet joins Death Creek. Travel down (or up) valley generally sticks to the creek edge but there is no defined route so multiple crossings of the creek are required to avoid boulder fields and scrub lower down. Travel is straight forward and pleasant.

A couple of cairns mounted on boulders lower down mark the beginnings of animal trails which head through scrub above the true left side of the creek. Following these will take you to the bushline where about 300 meters of steep but open beech forest takes you down to Kay Creek, a short distance northwest of Kay Creek hut where track markers start for Kay track.

In the reverse direction you would head up through the trees to the scrub, then follow the animal trails to reach Death Creek.

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