Bue Mountain Hut Feb 2014

Bue Mountain Hut  Feb 2014

Located in the Waihopai Scenic Reserve South Marlborough amongst high country pastoral country. This hut was originally built by the NZFS for wild animal control purposes. These days it is maintained by DOC but gets few visitors because of the difficulty gaining access through the farming country. [Glazebrook Station does allow walking access at times but another neighbouring station doesn't]

This hut seems to get few visitors as only three pages of the hut book had been filled in since 2003. Quite a few of those visitors were from the Lodge on Glazebrook Station or were DOC employees hence may have used 4x4 vehicles or helicopters to get in.

We noticed a lot of game in the general area with double figure numbers of deer, pigs and goats sighted on a day trip to this hut from Gordon Stream. There were also plenty of hares, rabbits & geese sighted. My mate saw a couple of chamois as well but I didn't see them.



  • Honorar Honorar Second Glen's comments on the abundant game animals. 50 plus deer sighted on 2 days' traveling, including fallow and 3 black pigs.
    5 December 2022
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