Lake McRae huts Dec 2013

Lake McRae huts  Dec 2013

This photo shows the two huts at Lake McRae. In a straight line they are located almost a km west of the lake. You can't see the lake from the huts but it is quick walking over open country up to the lake.

The left hand hut is an old musterers hut. My guess is that it dates from the 1940's or early 50's when WWII and post war rationing was still happening. Some of the walls etc are made of flattened fuel & biscuit tins. You can clearly see "Aulsbrooks" a former biscuit manufacturer on a piece of trampled steel protecting the doorstep. The timber cladding has been creosoted.

The right hand hut is the DOC hut. It dates from 1970 but had a major revamp Feb/March 2012. It is now a six bunker with an enclosed wood burner. It is a swish hut similar to Saxton Hut another of the huts on the Molesworth Recreation Reserve East- West route. The gate on the hut porch is to keep cattle & horses out. This hut gets surprisingly little use!



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